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I wanted to tell you how much I like the fully powered Net Getter machine. Beyond the time savings of 90%, the use of an insect netting in my vineyards have greatly improved the quality of my seedless grapes. I no longer have to discard clusters due to bird pecks and hornets chewing holes in the berries. The machine is of simple design and and with a hydrostatic tractor very easy to use. I believe that this machine will pay for itself in two seasons. Thanks again and keep up the good work

J.W. Sustare

Pompey Gold Vineyards, Jamesville, New York

This year we put on and removed about three miles of netting. The Netter Getter (3-point tractor version, fully powered) has performed excellently. While I was at the Farm Progress Show I thought the cost versus effectiveness of the Netter Getter versus the same ratio of the huge machine on display at the show. For sure the Netter Getter costs much less, delivered considerably more value with fewer headaches per hour of use, and had a very short learning curve. Kudos to you Paul.

Corey Goodhue

Carlisle, Iowa

I purchased the Netter Getter at the Iowa State University Field Day. We had a great deal of bird pressure within a few days and the Netter Getter allowed us to apply netting very fast to a large part of our 13 acres of grapes and we did not have any bird damage. The machine is easy to use to apply the net and just as important, it takes the net off quickly. The Netter Getter allows one to control when the grapes are picked thus ones grapes are in the ideal chemical position to produce the best wines.

The net is applied and removed quickly and efficiently. I know of no other bird control system that will consistently protect the grapes from bird damage.

David E. Conner

Kickapoo Creek Winery, Edwards, Illinois

I work long hours seven days a week at my winery. I have to make the most of my time. With 13.5 acres of grapes and 15,000 feet of netting, this Netter Getter bird netting applicator is just what we needed to speed up and simplify our harvest season. We get the benefit of net protection when and where we want it and what used to take us days now takes hours. The spools are nice because they have flat sides. They will roll if pushed but will not roll away on their own. Plus, they are very light empty and you can grab them easily by the side when full.

We have the model that attaches to a skid loader. You can spool out and pick up the netting from the center of the rows if need be. The Netter Getter does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. I’m very satisfied with it.

Ron Mark

Summerset Winery, South of Des Moines, Iowa

In our 6,300 vine, 10.5 acre vineyard, I use about 10,000 feet of 14 foot wide extruded black plastic net. The down side of netting is that it is by far the most horribly aggravating material I’ve ever worked with. It snags on everything and picks up all types of trash from the ground. We used to put the net out by using a pipe attached to my loader bucket suspended over the rows but that is dangerous and I almost tipped my tractor over. Rewinding the net was time consuming, with one person pushing an old utility company wooden spool on the ground while another person walked backwards and fed the net onto the spool. It took a long time and we could not get much net on the heavy wooden spools.
The Netter Getter bird netting applicator worked great for us this year. In one afternoon we removed and then spooled out many thousand feet of netting. I averaged about 2,000 feet of netting per spool. The Netter Getter is narrow enough to move between our rows. It’s well designed and a very versatile machine. I’m anticipating paying for it in two seasons with the labor savings and increased crop production.

David Klodd

Annelise Vineyard, Indianola, Iowa


Hydraulic Powered:

Summerset Winery
Indianola, Iowa
Model: Skid Steer

Kickapoo Creek Winery
Edwards, Illinois
Model: Skid Steer

Pompey Gold Vineyards
Jamesville, New York
Model: Tractor Mount

Annelise Vineyard
Indianola, Iowa
Model: Skid Steer

Corey Goodhue
Carlisle, Iowa
Model: Tractor Mount

Ted Zwart
Elysian, Iowa
Model: Skid Steer

Bob Lau
Waseca, Minnesota
Model: Skid Steer

Kevin Fluttren
Hector, Minnesota
Model: Skid Steer

Richard & Deb Scheffler
Morton, Minnesota
Model: Skid Steer

John Guinan
Carroll, Iowa
Model: Skid Steer

Steve Richardson
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Model: Tractor Mount

Platform Model:

Ron Corey
Corning, Iowa
Model: Skid Steer

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