Netter Getter Applying Netting in a Vineyard

Bird Netting Application

The Netter Getter is a fast, safe, economical bird net machine that will spool out protective netting over your vines and pick up the netting as fast as you can drive down vineyard rows. This netting machine takes the work out of your net application, saving you time and money

The Netter Getter machine fits on the front of most skid steer loaders and on a category one or two tractor 3-point hitch. You'll need two-way hydraulics on your loader to power the Netter Getter's hydraulic motor.

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Netter Getter
1274 245th Street
Jefferson, IA 50129

Phone/Fax: 515-386-2050


"Had very short learning curve"

Corey Goodhue
Carlisle, Iowa


"What used to take us days now takes hours"

Ron Mark
Summerset Winery


"Will pay for itself in two seasons"

J.W. Sustare
Pompey Gold Vineyards


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